Melton gets thumbs up

By Sumeyya Ilanbey

Melton residents are generally pleased with the council.

The findings of the state government-initiated JWS Satisfaction Survey 2018 and the council-initiated Metropolis Household Satisfaction Survey 2018 were presented at last week’s council meeting.

Melton council scored 61 out of 100 for its overall performance in the JWS survey – slightly higher than the state average of 59, and 59 for its ‘overall direction’ – again higher than the state average of 52.

But it was the council’s customer service that performed highly – scoring 73.

In their report, council officers said 15 per cent of surveyed residents had identified sealed local roads as needing improvement. Other areas that require improvement were public safety and traffic management.

Perception of safety at night in the municipality scored well below the 2016 results in the council-initiated survey. Council was given an average score of 5.34 out of 10 this year, down from 6.36 in 2016.

“Safety across the board improved a little this year, recovering some but not all of the declines recorded last year,” the council report stated.

The Metropolitan Household Satisfaction Survey’s findings on customer service mirrored the JWS survey findings, with customer service scoring an eight out of 10.

“The JWS Satisfaction Survey results indicate that council is performing comparatively well overall when measured against both state and interface council scores,” the council report stated.