Melton, Brimbank Highway Patrols team up


Michaela Meade

Melton and Brimbank Highway Patrol (HWP) have teamed up to address a growing problem with unregistered motorbikes and unlicensed riders in the area.

In a statement on the Eyewatch – Melton Police Service Area Facebook page, police said the issue was “ongoing” for the Melton municipality.

“With new access to police off-road solos and members qualified to ride them, Melton and Brimbank HWP have teamed up to patrol areas that police cars can’t access,” the statement said.

“They have been working across Melton in recent weeks and have processed a number of offenders.”

According to the statement, a motorbike was intercepted on Saturday that was being ridden by a male with no helmet on the Arnolds Creek walking track before turning onto High Street and riding down the footpath.

Police said the rider was identified as a 14-year-old boy.

The motorbike was impounded and the rider will be charged on summons with offences relating to being unlicensed, using an unregistered motorcycle, not wearing a helmet and riding on footpaths.

“We encourage the public to continue reporting incidents of illegal motorbike activity so we can keep our off-road members informed of other problem areas,” the statement said.