Mahala locks off for brave bro’

13/10/16 Awareness. Mahala Stickland will be cutting off her hair to raise money for a charity that will benefit her brother Nathan. Photo by Kristian Scott

When then 11-year-old Nathan was diagnosed with a brain tumour three years ago, his sister, Mahala, didn’t know the condition was so common, or so debilitating.

“Since he was diagnosed, I’ve learned more and more about cancer and tumours,” 15-year-old Mahala says.

“I’ve done lots of research … one of the things I’ve learned is that brain tumour is the most common form of solid tumour … and they kill more children than any other disease.”

To help cancer patients and research into a cure, Mahala chopped off about 35 centimetres of her blonde locks at the weekend.

Her hair will be donated to children’s charity Variety, to make wigs for cancer patients.

And the money coming in for her fundraising efforts will go to Cancer in Kids @ RCH, which partly funded a research project Nathan now participates in.

Mahala says she wants to thank the medical staff for looking after Nathan and to do her part to help the fight against cancer.

“My brother was put on a trial drug by a company that helped fund the drug,” Mahala says. “I hope the [fundraising] money will help with treatments, and research in general, because it is a pretty big issue.”

To donate to Mahala’s cause, visit