Life after high school


As the end of exams creeps closer for high school leavers, many year 12 students are preparing for the next stage of their lives.

There’s an abundance of options available but it can be overwhelming to filter through them all and know what the best option is.

Those who’ve decided on the career they want and have marks to warrant a high enough ATAR might choose university as their best option straight out of high school.

The career a school leaver has chosen could determine which university is best for them.

For those unsure of where to go, the federal government has a number of resources available to help identify which university is the best match.

If university isn’t a preferred option then a trade, traineeship or apprenticeship could be a great alternative.

Other options include Technical and Further Education (TAFE) or Vocational Education Training (VET) for anyone looking to take up a trade such as carpentry or a career in childcare; there’s an abundance of courses and careers on offer.

TAFE and VET courses are a good pathway into university or careers that don’t need a degree, working as an assistant in nursing can be achieved through TAFE.

Several Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offer career specific courses to further advance those moving into certain fields, including hospitality or real estate.

For those unsure which career could be best for them, the government has a variety of online tools to assist in discovering what may be the best career option to suit someone’s passions and personality.

It can be overwhelming to decide what’s next, so taking some time to re-evaluate the next stage of a young person’s life could also be a post school leavers option.