Leukaemia Foundation welcomes boost to donor registry

The Leukaemia Foundation has welcomed two significant developments aimed at increasing the number and diversity of bone marrow and stem cell donors across Australia, including Melton and Moorabool.

The initiatives represent an important step forward in the fight against blood cancers, including leukaemia, myeloma, and lymphoma.

The Leukaemia Foundation said more than 140,000 people live with blood cancer nationally.

The federal government and state and territory Health Ministers have committed to enhancing the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) through a $4.2 million funding boost.

This investment aims to increase local bone marrow donor recruitment, diversify the donor pool, and improve access to bone marrow transplants for Australian patients.

In parallel, the Victorian Legislative Assembly Legal and Social Issues Committee has released its report, ‘Register and talk about it,’ from the ‘Inquiry into increasing the number of registered organ and tissue donors.’

The Leukaemia Foundation played an active role in this Inquiry, including appearing at the public hearing and providing a written submission.

The report highlights the need for greater awareness and registration for stem cell donations, recommending strategies to expand the ‘Strength to Give’ campaign and facilitate donor recruitment.

Leukaemia Foundation chief executive Chris Tanti expressed his strong support for these initiatives.

“These announcements mark an important moment in our ongoing battle against blood cancers,” he said.

“By increasing the number and diversity of donors, we are not just enhancing our registry; we are saving lives.

“The commitment from governments to address the critical need for more bone marrow and stem cell donors is commendable.

“These efforts align perfectly with our mission to ensure that every Australian diagnosed with a blood cancer has access to the best possible care, including life-saving transplants.”