Kitten season underway


Tara Murray

The RSPCA is expecting to need to find homes for thousands of bundles of joy as kitten season gets under way.

Generally running from September through to the end of autumn, kitten season refers to the warmer months when there’s an increase in cats breeding.

RSPCA Victoria head of operations Tegan McPherson says there are a number of ways the community can address the issues associated with kitten season.

“It’s so important to desex your cats – desexing your cat is an important part of responsible cat ownership and there are many possible benefits.

“Not only does desexing reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens that will need to go through animal welfare organisations to find a new home, desexing has many health benefits and can also reduce nuisance behaviours.

“It’s also important to know there is no benefit in letting females have one litter before they are desexed.”

McPherson said if your cat isn’t desexed, it’s important to keep them contained.

Kittens under 12 weeks old are the most vulnerable animal population at RSPCA Victoria.

Cats and kittens are adopted at a much slower rate than dogs and less likely to be reclaimed, putting more pressure on animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA.