Keeping a close eye on climate

By Ewen McRae

Parks Victoria is urging community members to learn about their local environment and fight climate change by using their smartphones.

People can record specific animals and plants they see in parks using the ClimateWatch App, or online via the website

ClimateWatch, a citizen science program, was developed to understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting the seasonal behaviour of Australia’s plants and animals.

A walk was held in Anakie Gorge recently, during which a dedicated ClimateWatch project officer gave participants training on how to use the app.

Parks Victoria education officer James Adams said walks would play an important part in the conservation of a number of local species.

“ClimateWatch brings together park visitors, nature enthusiasts, students, contractors, park staff and the community with climate change scientists to tackle the climate change emergency,” Mr Adams said.

“Plants and animals need to adapt to survive the changes in Victoria’s rainfall and temperature driven by climate change. They adapt by altering where they live, feed and their phenology (the time of year that they flower, fruit, migrate or breed).”

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