Inside Southern Cross Grammar’s upcoming ‘The Addams Family’ production

Rehearsals for The Addams Family at Southern Cross Grammar, Caroline Springs (Damjan Janevski). 409151_08

Eddie Russell

The Addams Family is coming to Caroline Springs this week.

Students from Southern Cross Grammar will present ‘The Addams Family’ in four shows in three days from June 6.

The three-hour long school production will take place in the school’s auditorium, found in the Centauri Centre.

Student Lexa Radburn, who is playing Morticia Addams, says she is particularly enthusiastic due to her special attachment to the character.

“I grew up watching the Addams Family and I always admired Morticia, so when I heard the school was doing it I got really excited at the opportunity to play her,” she said.

Meanwhile, cast member Sienna Kralevski has a different relationship with her role as Mal.

“I thought Mal would be fun because he is male and because the production is American,” she said. “It was a good chance to challenge myself in a carefree manner.

Kralevski says the production is not just an opportunity to sing and dance, but form new bonds with like minded others.

“Whenever the school conducts a production, the people become like a tight-knit family and you develop friendship groups you wouldn’t have established otherwise,” she said.

Year 12 student Prapti Dutta, who plays Grandma, says dressing up is a big highlight.

“Getting in your costume and hair and makeup is what I’m looking forward to most.”