Immersive LEGO experience

The Art of The Brick (Supplied)

The Art of the Brick Immersive Experience LEGO exhibition, featuring Nathan Sawaya’s renowned creations, is heading to Melbourne in April.

The exposition is a part of a world tour and in its previous world tour visited 100 cities in 24 countries and attracted more than 10 million visitors.

This upcoming exhibition will include a 3D video mapping environment with an uplifting musical score, a giant version of Sawaya’s iconic sculpture Yellow, and Perniciem, a 400 square metre gallery that also showcases photos of endangered species in their natural habitats.

Pernicium is a collection of photos by Australian photographer Dean West, with sculptures by Mr Sawaya integrated into the photos.

Visitors can also experience Infinity Rainbow, an exploration of weather’s moods with seven life-sized sculptures, and the enormous LEGO sculptures, Larger Than Life.

Nathan Sawaya is a former New York City corporate lawyer turned world-renowned contemporary LEGO artist.

He gained recognition for his unique approach to art, using LEGO bricks to craft large-scale sculptures, life-like portraits, and imaginative installations.

His exhibitions not only break attendance records globally, but also challenge the traditional perception of art and LEGO, making his shows a significant attraction for adults and children.

“We are thrilled to bring the Art of The Brick Immersive Experience to Melbourne. This city’s vibrant culture and appreciation for the arts make it the perfect home for our exhibition,“ Sawaya said.

The exhibition is on from April 14 at the Showgrounds. Entry fees from $22.90 for children.


Anne Parisianne