Hoons harming residential streets


Residents on Albert Street in Darley are calling for something to be done to stem alleged hooning on their street.

Barry Evans is a 14-year Bacchus Marsh resident who moved to Albert Street last year.

According to Mr Evans peace in the area is regularly disturbed by unsafe driving between the Fitzroy Street and Nelson Street roundabouts.

“We have hoons in these hotted up cars… They’d have to be doing 80 or 90k’s, probably faster,” he said.

“It’s near a school and a fire station. You’ve got kids on scooters and push bikes on the edge of the road… I can see some day a kid coming out the gate and not looking and getting hit.”

“I’ve got a terminal lung disease, there’s days i can’t even walk out the front door from the fumes and smoke.”

Mr Evans said he doesn’t see the point in lowering the speed limit along the street as the people driving unsafely aren’t paying attention to the current one, but he would like to see other measures such as a higher police presence or speed humps installed.

Moorabool council chief executive Derek Madden said council is hoping to eventually install two raised intersections on Albert Street, one at Bourke Street, and another between the two roundabouts on Dundas Street.

“Albert St in Darley and surrounding areas were included in stage three of our Local Area Traffic Management Study. Out of that study, which involved extensive consultation with the community, there was a medium priority recommendation to install two raised intersections in Albert Street,” he said.

“These projects have been included in Council’s long term capital works program and will compete with other priority projects as part of the annual budgeting process.

“In addition to our capital works program, council was recently selected to participate in the next round of the Safe Local Roads and Streets Program, which will support councils to plan for and invest in strategic infrastructure improvements to make local roads safer. Officers will work with the Department of Transport and Planning to finalise a list of improvements to be delivered over the next two years.”

Council said where incidents of hooning or speeding are witnessed by members of the public, it highly recommends them to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.