Frocks away for MS run

Sebastien Wattelet took part in the MS half marathon on March 31 while dressed in drag. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Alesha Capone

Sebastien Wattelet has raised $10,276 after taking part in the MS Melbourne half marathon.

Mr Wattelet, who grew up in Hoppers Crossing and now lives in the Melton municipality, ran the half-marathon last month.

He ran in drag for the event, and was accompanied by a group of friends, under the team name of Not MSing Around. Members of the Royale Fitness gym in Bacchus Marsh also accompanied him during the event.

Mr Wattelet said he wore a dress and blonde wig while running after a friend dared him to do so if he managed to raise $3000 or more.

Sebastien Wattelet at the half-marathon event, with his family. Photo: MS Half Marathon

“A lot of friends and family thought it was a great idea, obviously a little embarrassing but everyone sees the fun side of it,” Mr Wattelet said.

In an unexpected bonus, Mr Wattelet said the half-marathon’s organiser’s also awarded him “best dressed” on the day.

Mr Wattelet’s wife Audrey was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014.

He said that the MS Foundation “have been great with support” ever since.

“We have also had a huge amount of help from friends and family from Wyndham and Bacchus Marsh,” he said.

“Friends have helped with cooking meals, cleaning our house and picking up and dropping off our kids occasionally, it’s been overwhelming.”

Mr Wattelet said that his children, a teenage daughter and two young boys, were also very supportive of their mother.