Focus is firmly on community

By Superintendent Lisa Hardeman, North West Metro Division

 We’ve heard concern from residents about the police response in North West Metro Division 3.

Let me start by saying that Caroline Springs, Sunshine, Keilor Downs and Melton are safe communities.

There is a strong police presence here.

That is why it’s unfortunate people in our community are feeling scared.

The constant media coverage of aggravated burglaries and carjackings has led people to believe these incidents are occurring daily. That simply isn’t true.

Not only is that not true but when these incidents do occur police are making quick arrests.

We have also heard from the community that they want to increase the hours of Caroline Springs Police station.

I understand people want their local station open. People feel comforted knowing we’re there, even if they don’t need us. But it’s not an open station that is going to assist you – it is police on the street.

We know that people rarely walk into their local station anymore, beyond wanting a signature for a statutory declaration, or reporting on bail.

Our focus isn’t on administration. It’s on providing the best service to our community. And that is what we are doing.

We know it’s far more effective to have police in the community providing a visible presence, responding to calls on issues such as family violence, property crime, and drug use.

If we continue to provide counter-service at all stations around the clock, we compromise our ability to meet these needs.

Be assured the communities of North West Metro Division 3 have access to a mobile and responsive police service 24 hours a day.

That isn’t just uniform police; it also includes specialist units.

If you are feeling concerned, call us at the police station, during its open hours and have a chat.

If you require any police assistance please call triple-0 (000) so that the nearest and most able police unit can respond to your needs.