IN FOCUS: Family approach helps law firm

James-Anthony Callea, front and centre, with Callea Pearce staff. (Picture: Marco De Luca)

Callea Pearce Lawyers, a vibrant firm with offices in Melton and Werribee, has a team of experts who, according to managing director James-Anthony (aka JA) Callea, are a personable bunch who keep the legal mumbo-jumbo to a minimum.

The practice covers many aspects of law, including property, conveyancing, business and estate planning.

JA says they particularly enjoy helping small businesses and the property sector.

“Most of our clients are small to medium, family-held business owners and property investors in the western suburbs.

“Being in business can be tough,” he says, “let alone being in business with family. As a family business ourselves, we understand the struggles that can bring. We help our clients prosper by assisting them to set up, grow and maintain their businesses and property portfolios.”

Wills and deceased estates are other areas of law where Callea Pearce takes a proactive approach.

“Most people don’t like to think about what will happen with their wealth after they pass. Many people work hard to build their wealth, but don’t have a plan as to how that wealth will be transitioned to the next generation.

“We help clients plan and structure correctly to avoid any distressing disputes and to transition their wealth in a tax-effective manner.

“Our experience has shown it is much better to plan for life’s hurdles and act in advance rather than wait until things go sour.”

JA says that, as lawyers, it is vital they’re technically competent but he also wants clients to enjoy their experience.

“We believe that how we go about it is just as important as what we do. We spend considerable time with clients, identifying and understanding how we can best craft a solution that suits their individual needs.”

The challenging time after the firm sadly lost its founder, Domenic Callea, to cancer in March 2015, has required the team to work hard on future direction and how to better serve clients.

“It’s become an exciting time for our team, seeing our client base rapidly expanding. We are delighted that John Wertheimer of Melton Law Offices has trusted us to look after his clients as he moves on to his next career phase.”


Callea Pearce Lawyers, 262 High Street, Melton, and 1 Duncans Road, Werribee. Inquiries: 9999 0271 or