EPA’s rainy day checklist for business

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria says businesses, including those in Melton and Moorabool, should treat recent heavy rains as a dress rehearsal for winter, and check that the environmental safety measures on their premises are working.

EPA south west regional manager Carolyn Francis said heavy rain can lead to hazards like odour, combustion and spills if the systems are not all right.

“This is a good chance to sort things out before winter sets in,” Ms Francis said.

“Checking and fixing any problems now can save you a pollution incident, more expensive repairs or enforcement action from EPA later,” she said.

“We would rather you bring your site into compliance now, than have us use a regulatory notice or issue a fine after there was a problem.”

EPA said site managers should be able to spot the potential problems with just a few minutes spent patrolling the premises after recent rainfall events in many areas.

This includes checking; bunding and ensuring it is appropriately emptied to return to full capacity, stormwater drains and systems, storage areas and stockpiles of organic material.

“If you find hazards or potential problems, seek expert advice on managing them and notify EPA if there are potential risks to the environment,” Ms Francis said.

“We would much rather offer advice and see that you have fixed a problem, than come back later because there’s been a fire, a spill or complaints from neighbouring businesses or the public.”

Businesses can find helpful guidance on how to identify and manage risks on the EPA website epa.vic.gov.au