Dingo pups cuddle call

Pictured is volunteer Shennai Palermo with some new puppies. Picture Shawn Smits.

Fancy a cuddle with the newest and cutest additions to the Dingo Discovery Research Centre in Toolern Vale?

Members of the public have a rare chance to get up close to the six-week-old pups and tour their Dingo Den on weekends until the end of this month.

Dingo Discovery Centre owner Lynn Watson said that with dingoes under threat from crossbreeding, the new purebred pups would help bolster numbers around the globe.

“All these little dingoes are the drivers for our engine to keep the bloodline going,” she said.

People can meet both baby and adult dingoes, and learn about why the breed is so important, when they visit, she said.

“The 18 puppies are certainly a handful – they’re very, very cheeky, intelligent and absolutely love to play,” she said.

The puppies will be at the centre for the next few months until they are old enough to leave mum and dad and be relocated to other wildlife parks in Australia and around the world.

Information or to book: Australian Dingo Foundation Facebook page.