Diggers Rest dad named coach of the month

Paul Davis and son Darcy. Picture: Joe Mastroianni

Footy isn’t just about night training and Saturday morning matches for coach Paul Davis … it’s a way of life.

The Diggers Rest Auskick coach has been named the Australian Football Coach’s Association, western region coach of the month for June.

Davis says he was both humbled and shocked to hear of the news.

“Kids always come first for me,” he says. “We get out there and do our best. For me, it’s about getting them away from the TV and getting them fit … that’s very important.”

Children need to be running around, playing sports and breathing fresh air, not stuck in front of a PlayStation or Xbox, Davis says.

“Kids have a lot more energy than us [adults], but they’re just so lazy these days.

“Footy matches are about community spirit and, this year, the parents have been really helpful with helping out, especially when it comes to setting up.”

And while the game and its training regimes may have changed since Davis started coaching about five years ago, the spirit of the game remains.

For Davis, Saturday morning matches mean more than just a couple of hours on the field – they’re a chance for the coach to teach his students about discipline and respect.

“I try and make it as fun as possible,” he says. “And before [the children] leave, I say to them: ‘See you next week; be good to your parents’.”