Council aims its sights at more carparking for train stations


Eddie Russell

Melton council wants to make parking at train stations in the municipality easier for commuters.

In its council meeting on June 24, a notice of motion that identified a need for better access to car parking at Cobblebank, Rockbank, and Caroling Springs stations was passed.

The council will write to the state government and VicTrack to inform it of community concerns and request an urgent investigation into the matter as well with notifying VicTrack

Councillor Bob Turner, who put forward the motion, said the inability to park their car at the stations was forcing people to look elsewhere for spots.

A recent study by The Climate Council and West of Melbourne Economic Development Alliance highlighted that Melton doesn’t have access to all day transport, while a West of Melbourne Economic Development Alliance report found a significant amount of Melton residents have to travel for work.

“Car parks at Cobblebank, Rockbank and Caroline Springs train stations are at capacity very early every morning, leaving commuters to seek other parking opportunities away from the train stations,” he said.

Cr Turner said as a result of this, parking availability for other amenities in the respective surrounding areas is also reduced,

“This impacts commuters and accessibility to other services including surrounding retail, allied health, and commercial buildings by members of the community.”

The motion outlined the possibility of exploring an increase of car parking supply at the stations.

However, it also suggested the implementation of new bus routes as a potential solution to ease pressure on spaces and provide alternative options for commuters.

These services would connect growth areas like Thornhill Park, Rockbank, Mt Atkinson, Deanside, Aintree, and Eynesbury to the train stations in Cobblebank, Rockbank and Caroline Springs.

Melton station was not included in the motion as the redevelopment works, as part of the level crossing removal project, will include increased car parking at the new building.

Councillor Justine Farrugia seconded the motion and said it was a much-needed issue.

The state government was contacted.