Copper theft closes park


Melton council has expressed disappointment after a copper theft incident at Frontier Park in Aintree.

Copper was stolen from the park over the weekend of February 24.

Council said due to ongoing repairs and maintenance, the park will reopen no earlier than next week.

Power cables were cut in the main power supply, and the distribution board was damaged.

Power has been restored at the site using temporary distribution board while waiting on a replacement to be built, which may take a month.

Melton council Engineering and Asset Services manager Colin Marshall said it’s disappointing when community parks and facilities are the target of vandals.

“Council has restored power to the site but was forced to close to water play area and park to undertake repairs. We thank the community for their patience while repairs are underway.”

In late 2023, Council wrote to Victorian Crime Prevention Minister Anthony Carbines requesting advice on what was being done to minimise the risk of copper theft within Victoria, and request the Minister write to interstate ministers requesting they introduce similar laws to those in Victoria that regulate the sale of copper and other scrap metal to deter illegal activity.

The matter has been referred to police. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or