Connecting communities

Pic of Ryan White and his daughters Emma (9) and Chloe (7). Photo by Damjan Janevski. 210760_01

Ewen McRae

Cyclists and commuters in the fast-growing Rockbank region will find it easier to get where they’re going after a new bike path was unveiled last week.

The path connects the burgeoning Woodlea estate with the new-look Rockbank train station, and has been delivered as part of a commitment from the Woodlea developer to invest heavily in the area.

The delivery of the path signals the completion of Victoria’s first-ever Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) works-in-kind construction agreement, with the 900 metre path to help support the needs of the community.

Established in 2010, GAIC is a contribution made by the developer to fund infrastructure that will support the economic, social, and environmental needs in Melbourne’s expanding fringe suburbs.

The project cost $772,300, with the new shared pedestrian and cycle path reducing the existing commute from Woodlea to the recently renovated Rockbank station and providing a safe pathway for residents who would otherwise have to traverse along the shoulder of busy Leakes Road.

Woodlea project director Matthew Dean said a works-in-kind construction agreement provided greater direct benefits to the Woodlea community.

“Due to the speed in which the Woodlea community is growing, a works-in-kind project was a more suitable option as it allowed us to fast-track the construction of the shared path in order to provide a safer and easier way for our residents to access the station,” he said.