children encouraged to have confidence in their First Aid skills


Jordan Doherty

School Holidays are here for the Melton and Moorabool area, which means that Aussie kids are going to be more active around the pool, park, and beach – meaning they are more prone to accidents.

Parents understand the importance of being able to act swiftly and calmly in First Aid situations, with 98 percent of parents who took part in research by Elastoplast, agreeing that being involved in a previous accident had highlighted the need for basic First Aid knowledge. With children being increasingly adventurous over Summer, sometimes an adult may not be immediately close by, highlighting the importance for children to have confidence in their own First Aid skills so they feel empowered in their ability to help themselves and each other when needed.

The study showed that 81 percent of parents believe children as young as three years old should be able to dial triple zero and ask for help, opening up the conversation around where and when children should be participating in their own First Aid training.

Whilst half of parents believe that parents/guardians are responsible for teaching age appropriate First Aid to children, 78 percent believe First Aid should be taught at schools, with 4-7 years being the age group where more than half of parents believe this teaching should commence.

To provide a solution, Elastoplast is running its Kids First Aid School Program for its third year in a row, equipping teachers with the knowledge to teach basic first aid in schools, and empower students with the skills they require to keep themselves and each other safe. Developed with ACHPER (The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation,) the program is useful for all aspects of life and is curriculum approved, integrating First Aid knowledge into foundational, Year 1 & 2 learning structures.

Dr Sue Whatman, President of ACHPER, added: “Schools are places where children are meant to learn and be kept safe. The curriculum is supposed to equip them with life skills that they will carry on outside of the classroom. With Elastoplast Kids First Aid Program, we are confident that teachers have the necessary resources to teach children these essential life skills that help them keep themselves and others safe, also giving parents peace of mind.”