Michael Ahmet from Varcon Group with mayor Lara Carli (left) and sponsor Peter Tubic from Lendlease (Ivan Kemp) 309827_49

Varcon Group was established in 1974 by Michael Ahmet who arrived in Australia in 1960 with his wife and everything they owned in a single suitcase.

Mr Ahmet quickly found work in the construction industry where he noticed that many immigrants like him were struggling to get by. They all shared the same dream – to find a place to call home. He soon began to lay the foundations for what would become Varcon Group.

Mr Ahmet was community focused from day one and he supported fellow immigrants to build a home for their families in whatever way he could. Years later the sons and daughters of these original clients returned to Varcon Group to build their own dream homes, and it was at this point that the family knew it had a special opportunity to build and grow Varcon Group for a new era of clients and to continue in Mr Ahmet’s legacy.

Daughter Deniz inherited her father’s passion for building homes and today Varcon Group is a third-generation business with Deniz’s daughters joining the business.

“When you love something as much as our family do, it just comes naturally. I am extremely proud to encourage more women and females in the building industry and I hope my daughters can be role models for generations to come,“ Deniz Ahmet said.

Passion is a major driving factor at Varcon Group.

“We may not be here forever, but we want our buildings to be. We build them to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on people and the local surrounds, built for life.“