Bollywood dance moves for all

Shweta Pandyia, a Bollywood dance instructor from Tarneit. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Alesha Capone

Anybody can dance – just ask Tarneit dance instructor Shweta Pandya.

Mrs Pandya and fellow dance instructor Zankhna run the ABCD Bollywood Dance School, with the ABCD standing for “Any Body Can Dance”. They run classes for children, teenagers and adults in Tarneit, Point Cook and Melton.

Mrs Pandya said she started dancing at eight years old and teaching at age 17.

“In Bollywood dancing, I really feel I can connect with people – for me, it releases tensions, it’s almost like yoga,” she said.

“I teach children aged three and plus … what we can give them is confidence.

Mrs Pandyia shows off some moves. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

“After teaching the kids, and watching them smiling and doing a dance in front of 1000 people very confidently, I feel I’m giving them something which makes a difference.

“The best thing is when they go to school or kindergarten and people ask who their favourite teacher is, and they say my name.”

ABCD Bollywood Dance School puts on three concerts a year and its students perform at community events such as the annual Wyndham and Melton Diwali festivals.

Mrs Pandya also teaches Bollywood dancing through Melton council’s Active Arts and Neighbourhood House programs.