Art under the microscope

By Ewen McRae

A new art exhibition that challenges people to look at nature closer is now running at the Melton and Caroline Springs Libraries.
The ’Art Forms In Nature – Drawing the Micro-Scale’ exhibition explores intricacies of nature from the macro to the microscopic scale.
The art-science exhibition features a series of stunning prints by 19th century artist-biologist Ernst Haeckel depicting microbial communities.
As part of the exhibition, local families and school students will also create a large artwork using hidden textures and microscopic patterns found in the library as their inspiration.
Visual artist Briony Barr said the exhibition was about combining science and art.
“It’s about visualising invisible worlds, so it’s quite a different visual experience,“ she said.
“It’s all about the combination of art and science, and by doing the artwork it’s a way of connecting with what we can’t see a little bit better.
“We’ve got these mini-microscopes that we will use to explore the library itself, and we’ll use that to create a collaborative artwork with local school groups to then hang in the library.“
With the exhibition on display until December 3, Ms Barr encouraged the community to come and experience some very different piece of art.
“It will be interesting to see people reflect on the works of Ernst Haeckel and see him as an artist and a scientist which isn’t very common today,“ she said.
“And for people to be fascinated by some of the shapes and forms of the microscopic world is always interesting, so the collaborative artworks I think will be very exciting.“