Action needed on ’nasty’ road

Brimbank council offices. (Damjan Janevski) 256135_02

Gerald Lynch

Brimbank council will advocate for the safety of Taylors Road to be managed by the state goverment to avoid further accidents and fatalities.

Council will write to Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne asking that she declare Taylors Road between Kings Road and Westwood Drive a state-managed arterial road and provide additional lanes and supporting active transport infrastructure to match demand.

Councillor Maria Kerr is extremely passionate about finding a resolution, saying after another fatality on the ‘risky’ road, enough is enough.

“Taylors Road is an extremely busy and dangerous thoroughfare,” she said.

“We need the state government to listen to our concerns and declare this road state managed to avoid further accidents.

“There have been enough deaths and serious injuries. On behalf of the Brimbank community please help us fix this nasty, dangerous bottleneck.

“Not only are residents stuck in daily traffic jams, they’re also losing their lives.”

Local Aintree resident Kelly said the situation on Taylors Road has caused her family to consider moving away from the area completely.

“All of us who reside in the Taylors Road corridor are having patience tested on a daily basis,” she said.

“I’m not sure how much more we can stand. The commute to Taylors Lakes at 7:45am should not have me arriving at my destination after 9am.

“Daily, I am forced to join a five and an eight kilometre traffic jam and that is just to get my child to school and me to work.”

She said the road desperately needs to be duplicated to ease congestion for commuters.

Melton council has previously announced planned works, including a duplication of lanes between Sinclairs Road and Plumpton Road with a timeline of five to 10 years, and a duplication of lanes between City Vista Court and Sinclairs Road with a timeline of up to five years.

To improve safety, there is a signallised intersection planned between Taylors Road and Plumpton Road with an estimated completion of July, 2025.

A spokesperson for Minister Horne said “We’re monitoring the significant growth in Melbourne’s west and identifying ways to ease pressure on the transport network. The Department of Transport and Planning will work closely with Brimbank City Council to ensure the safety and efficiency of Taylors Rd, and its surrounding roads.”