A day for all to remember

Melton RSL president Stephen Cook. (Damjan Janevski). 400315_03

The Melton RSL is welcoming all members of the community to participate in the observance of traditional ANZAC Day events.

This year, Melton RSL president Stephen Cook said there was a particular focus on engaging everyday people with the story of Australia’s military history and to get more people aware of the RSL’s range of services.

“We’re concerned about a disconnect with the new generation of kids, so we want them to actually be a part of the service,” he said.

“The thing we see with younger members is they’re very committed to their families, families are more connected so we find it really difficult for veterans to engage with the RSL itself.

“We’ve identified this and tweaked our business, so we’re now focused on the welfare of our members.”

The RSL will start proceedings on Anzac Day with the traditional dawn service at 6am, with the community encouraged to assemble on High Street outside the Civic Centre.

Everyone is then invited to attend the gunfire breakfast held at the Melton Country Club where there will be an entry fee of $2 for non-members.

The gunfire breakfast refers to the breakfast troops would have prior to entering battle.

The breakfast will be followed by the Anzac march, which begins on Alexandra Street at 10am.

All are then encouraged to return to the Melton Country Club from 11am-2pm to mingle and play the traditional game of two up.

Mr Cook said all funds raised will throughout the day will go directly back into veteran services.

“That’s why we do all our fundraising, our fundraising exists so that it costs the veteran nothing,” he said.

“Anzac Day pays tribute to the brave men and women of our armed forces who have given their all, in defence of our nation.“

Melton council deputy mayor Steve Abboushi said council was proud to support the RSL.

“We remember the bravery, tenacity and resilience of thousands of Australians who continue to give the best of themselves in the peace, freedom and democracy,“ he said.