Relief for renters from the rising cost of living

This family found a home thanks to Leap Real Estate.

As Australia’s rental crisis deepens, research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that there is a 15 per cent increase in the amount of lifelong renters aged 25-39 years, when compared to 20 years ago.

This has changed the rental landscape in Australia over the last few years, with increased competition for available homes driving up prices, making it increasingly difficult for many Australians to afford a place to live.

In a bid to buck the rental trend and provide tenants with some relief from the rising costs of living, Leap Real Estate has recently launched its Leap Lifestyle Program – an industry first rewards program designed specifically for renters.

The industry recognised, award-winning program rewards renters for things like length of tenancy, timely payment of rent, and essential maintenance of their rental property. Rewards have included free electricity for 12 months, annual discounts of up to $300 off internet subscriptions, gift vouchers for fuel, streaming services, and local dining and entertainment, plus the chance to win a brand-new car each year.

With an increasing number of mum and dad investors leaving the market, coupled with the lack of foreign investment further impacting the rental sector, Leap Real Estate’s co-founder and director Ken Dodds says that the lifestyle rewards program helps to provide a solution to the lack of rental satisfaction that many Victorians are facing.

“Through interactions with the existing renters in our communities, we know that they’re seeking a balance of good quality life and spacious housing, which is a rarity in today’s rental market,“ he said.

“With the rapidly growing cost of living pressures, we’ve tailored our rewards program to both ease the pressures and encourage tenants to continue living in our communities, such as Eynesbury.“

With fantastic brand-new family homes available to rent from $430 per week in Eynesbury, situated in Melbourne’s booming western growth corridor, Leap Real Estate offer renters the perfect match of fabulous housing, engaged community and amazing lifestyle benefits.

Visit www.Leap.Realestate for available rentals.