Let the experts on the job

Specialized Waterproofing and Western Bathrooms/Tile Wholesalers. (Pictures: Damjan Janevski)

The number of families turning to renovating aspects of their homes has sharply increased during the coronavirus and, while some jobs are relatively easy DIY tasks, others proved more challenging and generally required expert help of some kind before proceeding.

Waterproofing likely falls into the latter category. Anyone who watches home reno shows will know all about the perils of poorly applied waterproofing in bathrooms – and the flawless precision demanded to achieve success.

But if homeowners undertaking a wet area revamp aren’t familiar with the complexities of waterproofing, they needn’t worry because the crew at Specialized Waterproofing in Melton knows plenty.

As Eddie Butterworth, owner of the well-regarded business for the past 20 years, puts it: “Waterproofing jobs definitely need proven experts”.

A couple of years ago, the business added a well-matched string to its waterproofing bow by establishing Western Bathroom, a wholesale tile and bathroom accessory outlet under the same roof as Specialized Waterproofing.

Eddie says the arrangement works well, especially in terms of convenience for their customers, whether a home renovator or commercial outfit, big and small.

“On the waterproofing side of the ledger, we’re specialists in the domestic and commercial building sectors,” says Eddie. “We waterproof bathrooms, balconies, retaining walls and basements, as well as carry out sheet membrane applications.”

“We also do full builds of tiled and sand cement-tiled shower bases, and the products we use, such as Ardex waterproofing membranes and caulking compounds, are top shelf.”

The business, fully licensed and registered with Master Builders Association and the Victorian Building Authority, also has a full domestic builders licence (for waterproofing only).

Eddie says Western Bathroom offers timber flooring/vinyl planks and a wide range of quality tiles at very competitive prices.

“Our product range includes high quality tapware, baths, basins, shower sets, shower mixers, toilets and kitchen and laundry sinks,” he says. “Anything to do with bathrooms, we have, and we have it at wholesale prices.”

Items such as silicons, tile glues, grouts, trims and wedges are also in stock. If a product or item can’t be found in-store, Eddie will source it.

An ideas man, Eddie is happy to help home renovators with his expert advice. And as a wholesaler, his prices are always surprising.

Specialized Waterproofing and Western Bathrooms/Tile Wholesalers,
Factory 2, 142-144 High Street, Melton. Opens 9am-4pm Monday-Friday;
weekends by appointment.
Inquiries: 9743 2764 or 0414 656 615 or visit www.specializedwaterproofing.com