IN FOCUS: Benefits as long as a runway

Avalon Airport's list of benefits for passengers continues to grow. (Photo supplied)

Carole Levy

It’s been more than a year now since Avalon Airport opened its international terminal – and chief executive Justin Giddings is chuffed that the feedback has been terrific.

He believes that’s due in part to the airport’s philosophy: that travel should and can be easy and relaxed, even when travelling on a budget.

“In spite of increased traffic due to the new flights, the team has worked hard to retain the ease with which a passenger can pass through the airport,” Mr Giddings says.

In February, airport management offered some relief to travellers after a tough summer, kicking off a 25 per cent discount on all car parking until March 31.

“This has been warmly received,” Mr Giddings continues. “Flying via Avalon Airport already means cheaper parking – in addition to cheaper fares – but we wanted to lower our prices even further, for all Victorians, to remove the added concern of massive parking fees.

“We wanted to eradicate that stress so travellers can use their funds towards a good holiday, instead of forking out big bucks for a car spot.”

He adds that there are many great benefits that come with flying at Avalon Airport, not just cheaper parking.

“It’s also more convenient. All parking – both long and short term – is right outside the terminals, just metres away from check-in.

“It’s the seemingly small details that combine to deliver Avalon’s other benefits.”

Mr Giddings readily lists these as a toll-free drive to the airport; SkyBus from Werribee; free trolleys and wifi; and multiple device charging points in the departure lounge.

Avalon’s international terminal also provides the latest screening equipment and is the first airport in Australia to have approval to switch to 100 per cent CT Scanner.

On top of this, the airport has just announced a partnership with Elenium Automation. Soon it will roll out self-service check-in kiosks and bag drops in the check-in area.

“As well as expediting the check-in process, airline staff will be able to provide assistance standing shoulder to shoulder with passengers rather than behind a desk.”

Mr Giddings concludes by affirming that airport management is continually monitoring the airport’s processes in order to deliver a seamless experience for passengers, making it an uncomplicated and time-efficient service with pocket-friendly fares.

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