New art piece coming to Caroline Springs park

(Unsplash: Dan Tuykavin)

By Olivia Condous

The Avenue Park in Caroline Springs will be home to a new public artwork, commissioned by Melton council, for the community to enjoy.

The artwork, entitled ‘Second Nature’, will be created by public artist Jade Oakley who specialises in art integrated with its surroundings.

The art will centre on the theme of growth and incorporate etchings in concrete pathways around the park to lead to the playground, where there will be the main sculptural piece.

The pathway artwork will be based upon drawings gathered during local community art workshops, aimed to showcase the unique cultural diversity of the community.

Melton mayor Goran Kesic said the artwork will create an engaging and playful atmosphere for residents and visitors to the park.

“The project aims to boost community pride in our public spaces and to reflect the stories,

themes and issues that are relevant to our residents,” Mayor Kesic said.

“I’m confident that the artwork will not only be visually appealing, but that it will become a

landmark in its own right.”

Ms Oakley was commissioned to do the artwork by Melton council’s Public Arts Sub-Committee, with support from public art consultant T-Projects, through a competitive selection process.

More details about the sculpture will be revealed in the lead up to installation around October.

Residents are invited to meet the artist and speak to project representatives during a free drop-in art workshop on June 8 at The Avenue Park in Caroline Springs.