Melton council to increase sustainability


Sarah Oliver

Melton council is aiming to go more green with their paper usage.

Councillor Steve Abboushi put forward a motion at Monday night’s council meeting, to have council only purchase sustainable and renewable Australian-sourced and manufactured paper to support local industry and jobs.

The motion suggests sustainable only paper will allow council to champion Australian makers, support local industries who are leaders in sustainable, renewable and recyclable practices and create local jobs.

Currently, the council sources its paper from Australian Paper Mills in Victoria which is a carbon neutral paper mill.

Last financial year, the council sourced 5000 kilograms of paper at a cost of $8,200 of which 99 per cent was Australian made, 99 per cent was carbon neutral certified and 25 per cent was recycled.

Melton will continue to work with the supplier to try and increase the percentage of recycled paper use and the motion also stated that costs in lifting the percentage of recycled use is not considered material.

Council supported the motion unanimously.