Art program paints a clear picture for local artists

Pic of artist Rebekah Cole with her artwork. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 268508_02

Sarah Oliver

Melton artist Rebekah Cole has always been encouraged to be creative.

Now working as a web and graphic designer during the day, and making her fantastical art outside of work, she likes to refer to herself as a general creative.

“I grew up in a creative household…it was always encouraged for me to be a creative person and was something I always leant towards.”

Her art is made primarily through digital illustration in which she creates stories to go along with the artworks.

Last year, she found a clear direction for her art through the ArtsACTION program, a free series of online professional development sessions and a partnership with Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and Melton council.

“They really helped me define where I want to go with my art,” Ms Cole said.

“It was really cool getting to have video meetings with a whole bunch of other artists; getting to connect with people a little bit more.

“That was something the pandemic stopped a bit so it was really good to actually get to talk to people.”

Ms Cole said the program pushed her to take the next steps.

“I would recommend this program for people that are looking to make more out of their arts practice or build on their arts practice.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or a more established artist, it’s anybody who wants to build on it; give it a more defined idea of where they want to take it and what their goals are.”

The program is now in its fourth round and artists can apply to participate now.